Our guide includes 60+ unique workouts, 30 recipes, lifting and nutrition tips, video demonstration of each exercise and one-on-one guidance




Our philosophy is that true health runs deeper than muscles, so we created a guide to empower you to find a new level of physical progress along with a new sense of self-love and confidence.


Welcome to Deeper Than Muscles & Deeper Than Money! 

The DTM Brand began with Deeper Than Muscles and has now expanded and added a new branch called Deeper Than Money. Here you can find all things Deeper Than Muscles aka all about physical health. By clicking here, you can go check out all things Deeper Than Money and financial health. 

So, hi! I'm Chloe, the founder & CEO of DTM.

If you're reading this, you most likely are ready for a change. You want results, and are sick and tired of following all the fad diets and you want something that lasts. You are done trying the newest trend only to be back at square one after a couple weeks.

Why isn't this working? 

Four years ago, I found myself at an all time low. I was out-of-shape, had no energy, a poor body image and was fed up with feeling like I wasn't making any progress and wasn't getting the results I wanted. From here--Deeper Than Muscles was born. It wasn't just about the physical results--it was deeper than that. I started focusing on other aspects of health too: physical, financial, spiritual, mental and social. It was from this point that everything started coming together for me. I realized that my mindset had to change, along with my behavior, and I started realizing by following practical steps, I could create the life I wanted. 










The day I handed over my 'cardio-bunny' obsession of spending HOURS a day on the treadmill, counting calories and being overwhelmed in guilt over one 'cheat meal', for a new, easier, more FUN way, is the day that everything changed for me. I started seeing results way faster. And not just physical results, but my confidence and mental gains were so important too.

Wanting to reach your physical goals? Order the Deeper Than Muscles eBooks to tone and lose fat while learning to balance all aspects of your health. You can learn more about all of the amazing features and community support that comes with the eBooks. Click here to order yours and get started today!

You are here for a reason. You can create the exact life you want. 

Sending you all the sunshine, 


30+ Recipes in eBooks

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